Adamastor, fra Mozambico e Sudafrica: due rivisitazioni del mito secondo Luís Carlos Patraquim e Roy Campbell

di Giada Alberti

This paper analyzes two different rewritings of the myth of Adamastor, one of the most well-known and iconic characters of Os Lusíadas. A hideous giant and rejected lover, this figure has gone through a variety of reinterpretations, particularly in Mozambican and South African literature. In relation to these two contexts, a couple of poems are taken into consideration here, namely Luís Carlos Patraquim’s Metamorfose (1980) and Roy Campbell’s Rounding the Cape (1930). The analysis of the poems is preceded by an introduction which both delves into the role of Adamastor in Os Lusíadas and offers a brief overview of the noteworthy critical reception connected with such a character.

Parole-chiave: #Luís Carlos Patraquim #Roy Campbell #Adamastor #colonizzazione #impero