Voci di migranti tra narratività e oralità: un’esperienza sensibile nel romanzo Patricia di Geneviève Damas

di Adriana Bongiorno

This paper is a condensed adaptation of my master’s thesis, which focuses on the study of the novel Patricia by Belgian writer Geneviève Damas. More precisely, the research presented here mainly pivots on the Italian translation of Damas’s novel. First of all, I approach this literary work as a tool through which the author meant to raise awareness on the plight of unwanted migrants, who are deemed to pose a threat to the stability of western societies. Secondly, I ponder how to deal with the peculiarities of Damas’s text from both a linguistic and cultural point of view, so as to identify the best strategies through which the original message is conveyed in the Italian translation.

Parole-chiave: #letteratura francofona #romanzo engagé #traduzione #multiculturalità #migranti